The Scots Wikipedia Story Reflection

You may have read the story about the bulk of Scots Wikipedia being written by an American teenager who doesn’t speak the language. I felt the cringe. I’m involved in a volunteer-based translation project with hundreds of languages with a varying maintenance level. Who knows, something like this could happen to us too. The GuardianRead MoreThe Scots Wikipedia Story Reflection

WordCamp Asia 2020 “Recap”

WordCamp Asia 2020 is over — before it started. We as the organizing team have a lot more to do before we can close the books for this year, but the anticipation for the actual event has now ended. First, I want everyone to know that the cancellation decision was not made lightly. I wantRead MoreWordCamp Asia 2020 “Recap”

Thanks for 2019, and Happy New Year!

It’s already 2020 in Japan but still 2019 somewhere in the world, right? I’ve written a long Japanese version of my year in review but I also wanted to share something here as well. Looking back, it’s been a great year thanks to some unexpected (but good!) changes and opportunities, like being selected as anRead MoreThanks for 2019, and Happy New Year!

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