“Kodomo no Yu” Sentō-themed Ball Pit at Tokyo Skytree

Yesterday, we met a friend of mine and her family at Skytree Soramachi and spent the morning at Kodomo no Yu (こどもの湯) play area. It’s an indoor ball pit that looks like a sentō, Japanese-style bathhouse.

My 4-and-half-year old daughter jumped right into the pool of balls and even made a new friend. Her younger brother, who is 1 year and 9 months old, was a bit careful at first but it didn’t take too long before he got into it.

The area called “Festival Square” is not a big space but they had a good time playing at kids-size storefronts (takoyaki, sushi, and veggie shops).

Until May 6, you can see 1,000 Koinobori carp streamer under Skytree as well 🎏

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