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This is a personal blog by Naoko Takano (高野直子; formerly, Naoko McCracken), running on WordPress.com.

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Naoko Takano

I’m a Globalizer at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. I was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. I studied and worked in the U.S. (Missouri & Michigan) for a total of 14 years before moving back to Japan in 2011. I’m currently living in Tokyo with my husband & two kids.

I help the Japanese and global WordPress communities through translation. I also organize WordPress events in Japan and Asia.

I really enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts whenever my mind and ears are not occupied by something else. I’m currently learning Spanish.

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Feel free to drop me a note from the contact form if you have questions or feedback on this blog.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc. My username is usually naokomc, although I have a three-letter username on WordPress.org: Nao 😀

You may quote/share the contents of this blog for personal use, with appropriate credit.

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