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Hi there.
This is a personal blog by Naoko Takano (高野直子; formerly, Naoko McCracken).

I moved my blog at blog.detlog.org domain into this domain on September 19, 2011. It used be a self-hosted WordPress blog, but it’s now running on WordPress.com hosted blogging service with a custom domain mapping.

About the Author

Naoko TakanoI’m a Globalizer at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. I was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. I studied and worked in the U.S. (Missouri & Michigan) for total of 14 years before moving back to Japan in 2011. I’m currently living in Tokyo with my husband & daughter.

I help Japanese WordPress community, blog for WordPress.com, have written WordPress books, organize WordPress events. In case you can’t tell which blogging software I’d recommend – let me say WordPress is a fine choice!

When I’m not in front of my Mac, I enjoy playing with my daughter, listening to podcasts, traveling, and reading (mostly non-fiction & some contemporary novels).

Contact Me

Feel free to drop me a note from the contact form if you have question or feedback on this blog.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc. My username is usually naokomc, although I have a three-letter username on WordPress.org: Nao 😀


You may quote/share the contents of this blog for personal use, with appropriate credit.

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