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My first book, WordPress Standard Guidebook, has been a success since it was published in September 2006. It’s maintaining steady sales even with current 4th edition.

So my editor contacted last summer offering me to write another book – this time, the subject was up to me, he said. Instead of going into the same direction as last time (instructional/tutorial), I wanted to write a practical guide on how to plan, build, and run blogs for businesses.

The new book is scheduled to be published at the end of this month in Japan.

  • Author: Naoko McCracken
  • Price: 3,150 yen (approx. $32)
  • ISBN94839927837
  • Publisher: Mainichi Communications
  • Release Date: March 29, 2008

I appreciate the whole WordPress community, WordPress Japan, fellow members of Japanese Localization Team, and people I had the pleasure to work with building WordPress blogs – especially those at my previous employer. Without learning from/with them I could never have written this book. Thank you.

Just as last time, I’m going to give credits to plugin/theme authors I have mentioned in the book:

Great job & thanks for sharing your hard work!






4 responses to “WordPress Business Blog Standard Guidebook in Japan”

  1. JIm Amos Avatar
    JIm Amos

    nce again congratulations on the new book. I hope to read it one day in English, or maybe one of these days I’ll learn Japanese. Good to see you wrote about role manager and the google sitemap plugins – I find those 2 invaluable for building any CMS-type WP sites.

  2. Nao Avatar

    Thanks Jim 🙂
    I’m also loving WP-Cache lately… much better than what it used to be (or similar plugin I tried before). Give it a try if you haven’t.

  3. firmanwy Avatar

    Congratulations for success book. Your next book will great for business blog reference.

  4. Thailand Avatar

    sometimes i wish, that i could speak/ read japanese…A blog standart businessbook…

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