WordPress Business Blog Standard Guidebook in Japan

My first book, WordPress Standard Guidebook, has been a success since it was published in September 2006. It’s maintaining steady sales even with current 4th edition. So my editor contacted last summer offering me to write another book – this time, the subject was up to me, he said. Instead of going into the same… Continue reading WordPress Business Blog Standard Guidebook in Japan

WordPress Standard Guidebook

You may have heard already, but a new book on WordPress just came out in Japan. I wrote it with a help of WordPress Japan. WordPress Standard Guidebook Author: Naoko McCracken & WordPress Japan Price: 2,980 yen + tax (approx. $35) 344 pages (with CD-ROM) ISBN4-8399-2169-5 Publisher: Mainichi Communications The book talks about things like… Continue reading WordPress Standard Guidebook