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  • My Articles in a Japanese WordPress Plugin Book

    I’ve contributed 3 articles to a recent Japanese publication on WordPress Plugins.

  • WordPress Business Blog Standard Guidebook in Japan

    My first book, WordPress Standard Guidebook, has been a success since it was published in September 2006. It’s maintaining steady sales even with current 4th edition. So my editor contacted last summer offering me to write another book – this time, the subject was up to me, he said. Instead of going into the same…

  • WordPress Standard Guidebook

    You may have heard already, but a new book on WordPress just came out in Japan. I wrote it with a help of WordPress Japan. WordPress Standard Guidebook Author: Naoko McCracken & WordPress Japan Price: 2,980 yen + tax (approx. $35) 344 pages (with CD-ROM) ISBN4-8399-2169-5 Publisher: Mainichi Communications The book talks about things like…