Goodbye, 2020!

As I wrote my year-in-review in Japanese, I came to the conclusion that I was “surprisingly content” with the year. Not because it was easy or went as planned, but despite it – as you can imagine.

Yellow Fall Leaves

This year I:

  • experienced the first cancellation of WordCamp of the year due to the pandemic as an organizer
  • co-organized do_action Japan
  • spent more time with kids while their daycare was entirely/partially closed between April and July
  • didn’t get to see my parents and relatives at all 😢
  • picked up Spanish again, made 180+ days streak on Duolingo 💪
  • enjoyed learning about positive psychology through a Coursera course & podcast, and as a result:
  • reduced the usage of Facebook & Instagram by 90% or so
  • started learning about video editing and subtitling technologies

Thanks to some of the things I ended up doing and of course those who supported and inspired me, 2020 turned out to be a year for good reflection. I also feel more grounded than before, shedding some things I thought were important before but actually aren’t.

I’m especially grateful to my work and team/colleagues – seeing remote/distributed work become more mainstream this year made me realize that the (fortunate) situation I’m in isn’t easily replaceable by just having the freedom to decide where I work. They truly care about our well-being and I was saved by that while I struggled to balance between taking care of kids and getting things done at work.

And now, I’m really ready to leave all those behind and say goodbye to 2020. I hope to see you around in the Polyglots community and WordCamp Japan (online) in 2021!

Thanks for 2019, and Happy New Year!

It’s already 2020 in Japan but still 2019 somewhere in the world, right? I’ve written a long Japanese version of my year in review but I also wanted to share something here as well.

Looking back, it’s been a great year thanks to some unexpected (but good!) changes and opportunities, like being selected as an inaugural WordCamp Asia Global Lead, leading Polyglots tables at WordCamp Europe Contributor Day, team change at work, or visiting Bangkok with my daughter and friends.

I’m most grateful not for what happened, but for everyone who has supported and helped me throughout those events – some of them I got to know for the first time in 2019!

Thank you: WordPress Polyglots Team, WordCamp Asia/Tokyo organizers and mentors, WordPress Tokyo Meetup co-organizers, Automatticians, and family and friends.

My hope for 2020 is that I can be as resourceful and helpful as you are. And of course, I’ll do my best to organize WordCamp Asia!


2015: The Year Of Gratitude

This fall, I wrote that I would pick the word “joy” to describe the past twelve months before my daughter turned one-year-old.

When I look back 2015, I feel very grateful for things that happened to my family and me. Some of them are:

One of my favorite moments this year: working along with other polyglots at WordCamp US Contributor Day.

So, if your life crossed mine (online or offline) this year, I thank you for making my 2015 what it was!