In reply to this comment, I wrote up a modified css for Pink Lilies.

… i wanted it flipped (menu on the left side).

I haven’t tested extensively on alternate browsers or platform (only checked on Windows IE6/Mozilla) but it should work okay on others too.

Simply download all required files from here (zip file, about 21K) & apply to your WordPress site.
(Upload all of them under your root folder, then open index.php and modify the css path to style.css instead default wp-layout.css)

Hope it works.

23 thoughts on “Modified Pink Lilies Template

  1. Hey there 🙂 I was wondering if you had a version of Pink Lilies (where the menu is on the right a example is at my site now) That worked in IE as well as Mozilla Firefox? Please e-mail me or blog or whatever 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  2. hi, i was wondering if you, maybe will be release a template for men. or maybe a present just for me.

  3. Unfortunately it has the same error as the first one, that is, if you only have one post, the design or background doesn’t follow the menu all the way down. Try for yourself. Other than that, it’s nifty! 🙂

  4. Naoko,

    I downloaded your template, Pink Lilies, over the weekend from Alex’s web site. If you have the time, and are willing, there are some questions I would like to ask you about the code you have in the stylesheet. Normally I use “px” to represent font value size, but in your stylesheet this causes changes in the menu’s dimensions. There are a few other issues, but the rest are questions. Basically I am only familiar with simple stylesheets, mostly to avoid browser compatability issues. So if you would care to help me understand your choices, it would allow me to take better advantage of your work. Right now I have two templates in the works based upon your stylesheet. You can view them at: Wolf’s Template, and Ying-Yang Template.

  5. Nao,

    I forgot to mention that as someone pointed out earlier, there can be an issue with your stylesheet repeating. I had the same problem on my station, but not when uploaded. I don’t have a fix for it, but I did change your code to resolve the problem. However while I think my solution might be easier, it can require editing of the background image. Send me a message if you want to view the code change. Jim

  6. Hi all,
    Thanks for your feedback. Sorry I haven’t made any changes yet. I’ll try to work it out this weekend and let you know. 😉

  7. Hi Nao,

    I sent you two e-mails, one Friday and one Sunday. The Sunday one is the one I think you wanted. If you didn’t get then for some reason, let me know if I have the right address for you so I can send Sunday’s again. Take care.


  8. hello,
    i found your site while browsing around for WP styles. i really like your anti-comment spam method (the check box). can you tell me where you found it and if it’s effective. for some reason i can’t seem to get bot check to work on my domain. thanks so much.

  9. Dear Nao,

    I really love your Pink Lilies theme for WordPress. Are you considering porting it to WordPress 1.5? I hope you are, it’s brilliant!

    When I “ported” your theme to WP 1.5 the calendar got lost, and I’d be most grateful if you’d lend a hand in telling me how to fix my erronous ways. I wish I had programming skills.



  10. The problem is caused by get_link_list() adding <h2>-tags around the link-category names. A workaround is to remove the <h2> and </h2> from line 504 in /wp-includes/list.php

  11. OK, seems I can’t use html-tags here. Replace the regular brackets here with the pointy ones :

    The problem is caused by get_link_list() adding [h2]-tags around the link-category names. A workaround is to remove the [h2] and [/h2] from line 504 in /wp-includes/list.php

  12. Wow, Thanks Frederik!!!
    Sorry for html tag problem in this comment area. Please write
    & l t ; (delete spaces)
    to write < in your tag.
    That way tags can look like <h2> even here.

  13. Hello Nao, I am using your lilies template at WordPress and I want to say thank you! I love it!! It’s on a blogsome blog and my friends are all saying they want to switch over to blogsome to get a gorgeous template like mine now!
    Kind Regards,

  14. I have a few questions for you?

    1. Where did you get your wp-subscription-manager.php plugin?
    2. How can I learn how to make WP templates and css files?

  15. I like the look of the Pink Lilies. Unfortunately when I uploaded the files, I received a message from WP that I was missing a template. I downloaded the code from AlexKing dot org. I am most grateful for any assistance you might offer. Thank you so much.

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