CSS Competition Feedback.

Binary Bonsai’s Michael Heilemann says:

But I seriously have no idea why they went with Pink Lillies, it’s horrible very unique, making it next to useless as a template.

(Update: Following Michael’s update, I updated this quote too. I like this subtlety better)

I understand if some wants to think… “pink? flowers? eek.” or whatever. Maybe it looks ugly to some or many people. But then again, it is all matter of taste.

I honestly didn’t think mine was going to win the first place. I am not saying that to be humble, but for the same reason some mentioned at Michael’s post- my design was not generic and it may not be something many people wnat to actually use. Especially guys! And from the viewpoint of flexibility, my design probably do not go very far. Although people are free to change the background image or colors to give it a personal touch.

I really admire Lex Design‘s templates and personally think non-generic templates have their places on the net.

[Another Update – closure]
Now that I read more comments from Michael, I can see what he wanted to say. Maybe my argument here makes no sense or is missing the point, but oh well I will leave it as it is.

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  1. Sorry about the wording, I was at work and didn’t really think about it, tsk tsk. I’ve reworded it to be more of what I meant to say. As you also write, it’s not a design that a lot of people will end up using if others are using it as well, it’s too unique for that (IMHO).

    BTW, I love your blog’s design 😀

  2. Thanks for the follow-up. If another competition is to be held in the future, I am sure I’ll be glad that you said something about this one…

  3. I have to admit I didn’t really like it at first, but it’s definitely grown on me! Of all the entries I think it’s the most original and you can tell you’ve put a lot of effort into it. Congratulations!

  4. While I want to stay out of the whole business, thank you. I admire the designs of yours I’ve seen as well – Pink Lilies included. Despite my designs, 75% of people still seem to think I’m male. Congratulations!

  5. Lex,
    I never even thought of you being male… I guess
    Anyway I hope someday I can put up many nice templates like you.

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  7. In my opinion that’s a really amazing template. So beautiful that my girlfriend asked me to use it for her brand new version of the blog (moving from MT to WP).
    My I use it?

  8. Hey!
    Well i’m from Argentina, i just visited your site, congratulation, i like it a lot!

    sorry for my english..



  9. noobie says:

    Hey! Cool template and I really want that layout on my blog, but i wanted it flipped (menu on the left side).

    I can’t find your email so I can personally ask for help so I posted here. I hope you can help me.

    Thank you.

  10. I wanted to thank you for your attractive design. I agree with you – distinctive, unique templates do have a place, and it’s immensely refreshing to see feminine aesthetics represented (however one might define “feminine” design) and receiving well-deserved recognition. Perhaps you might be interested in Makiko Itoh’s thoughts on feminine design too. Congratulations on winning the CSS competition! I admire your talent and your gracious acceptance of both praise and feedback.

  11. I just love this layout..but please help me…I can’t get the content lined up correctly….

    I am relatively new to CSS and don’t know what I am doing…

    sigh…such a beautiful template..and I have messed it up!!! sigh.

  12. I love this layout so much that, even though I had only switched my layout a few days ago, I immediately began tinkering with this one and put it in. I’ve had a few difficulties as i am new to WordPress, but you made it really simple. Thank you for that, as some designers automatically assume you know what you are doing.

    I do have a question about this layout, however. I like having the majority of the menu on the right; however, there are a few things I would like to put on the left as well. Is this possible, and if so how?

  13. Nevermind, I figured it out, though it took me several hours. It is possible to get exactly what I want, but it takes a lot of tweaking and messing around with the coding (especially for those that don’t know what they are doing!).

  14. Haley,
    sorry I couldn’t help you, but congratulations! Yes, tweaking with templates is a lot of work… thanks for using my design 🙂

  15. hi nao
    the design is brilliant.
    i had it working on my site.
    and then had to install wordpress 1.5.

    and i have made 7 hours attempt at putting pink lilies
    in my site, yet i cannot understand the directions.

    do you have a simple way to put pink lilies in my site?

    with respect from marion

  16. hi nao
    i did see somewhere on your site how to install pink lilies.
    the instructions went something like
    copy all pink lilie into root folder.

    [i did that]

    then go to index.php and modify the line and change the driection from wp-default.css to style.css
    [well i could not finish this instruction, as there are only
    5 lines of text in my index.php as you can see below.

    do you know how to upload pink lilies into my wordpress1.5 site.
    my site is now so ugly compared to my 1.2pink lilies.
    plus i have lost about 3o hours of work to my site
    yet i have the old files on a cd so perhaps i can rescue all the content.


    please assist if you can
    with respect from marion

  17. Hi marion,
    Here’s what I wrote in reply to a recent email regarding WP1.5.

    Try one of these:

    1. rename my css file from style.css to wp-layout.css then replace it with the original wp-layout.css

    2. in the original index.php, find
    @import url( <?php echo $siteurl; ?>/wp-layout.css );
    and change it to
    @import url( <?php echo $siteurl; ?>/style.css );
    (make sure style.css is in the same directory as index.php)

    I hope this is the info you are looking for…

  18. marion,

    Thanks for keep trying.
    Please try (1) or (2). But I wrote that advise not knowing much about WP1.5 …

    I am thinking about (maybe, 40% chance?) entering a new design for the new Theme Competition for this March. If I do, I will then have better idea of WP 1.5 and Themes that I can write instruction/make changes on my Pink Lilies template.

    Meanwhile, you might want to take a look at these new themes submitted for the competition.

    Again, thank you for trying to use my template. I am really happy that you liked it and are willing to devote some time to make it work. I want to help you as much as I can, so please let me know if you have further questions.

  19. Hello Nao!

    Thanks for entering the theme competition at last; methinks we’re quite a few that were awaiting a theme from you, and we got it, moaha! Now, if you’ll port Pink Lilies to WP 1.5, I’d be one of the first one to cheer your efforts as the theme in question is marvellous. Thanks yet again for this new theme.

  20. Niklas-
    Thanks for nice things you said. I am flattered!! 🙂
    I will try to update Pink Lilies (I have been saying this for loooong time….), though I don’t know when. I should just stop saying that since it’s starting to sound like empty promise… but I will try.

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