WordCamp Tokyo 2008 Reports in English

Besides my own quick write-up, I’ve found some good reports written in English on WordCamp Tokyo 2008. Nire.Com wrote WordCamp Tokyo 2008 Sessions Minutes and its 2nd part. They cover each session with the speaker’s photo (note: not all sessions are covered). Automattic’s Michael Pick, one of the speakers, gives a good overview on WordCampRead MoreWordCamp Tokyo 2008 Reports in English

WordCamp Tokyo 2008

WordCamp Tokyo took place on September 23rd at Digital Hollywood [private web/design school] in Shibuya. It was the very first WordCamp in Japan! For the past three years, I had been going to WordPress meetup (one time each in Osaka, Tokyo and Okayama). This year we decided to finally organize a WordCamp in Tokyo. IRead MoreWordCamp Tokyo 2008

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