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  • Sagamiko, June 2017

    Sagamiko, June 2017

    Last weekend, we went to the Sagamiko (Lake Sagami) area in Kanagawa prefecture with my friend’s family and some of her coworkers. We stayed overnight at Sagamiko Pleasure Forest, where an amusement park, campground, and hot spring are all on one site. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Naoko Takano (@naokomc) Since Lisa is…

  • Automattic Grand Meetup 2016 in Whistler

    Automattic Grand Meetup 2016 in Whistler

    Automattic Grand Meetup is an annual event where the whole company get together and spend a week. This year, we all travelled to Whistler, Canada.

  • Maine, Summer 2016

    Maine, Summer 2016

    I think we picked the perfect timing for visiting my husband’s family this summer, avoiding the heat wave in Tokyo while getting only a couple of cloudy/rainy days. Two of my favorite Instagram captures: at Sebago Lake and Popham Beach. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Naoko Takano (@naokomc)   View this…

  • Team Global Meetup in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Some photos from the Team Global meetup in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Maine, December 2014

    Photos from our first family overseas trip to Maine.

  • Photos from Automattic Happiness Team Meetup in Santa Fe

    I spent last week in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a company team meetup. I work for a distributed company with coworkers all around the world – we meet in person a few times a year to hang out with & learn from each other. This time, 36 people (= about 20% of 164 employees)…

  • Milford Sound Boat Trip

    Photos from the overnight cruise trip to Milford Sound.

  • New Zealand Photos (Wellington)

    Photos from my visit to Wellington, New Zealand between February 10th – 18th. I enjoyed good local coffee & beer, and of course Webstock. I also met a couple I’ve known since college – I’ve never imagined our first reunion to be in New Zealand. More photos on Flickr: Webstock 2013 / Wellington, NZ

  • New Zealand Photos (Auckland)

    In February, I visited New Zealand for the first time for 19 days. Now that I’m back in Tokyo and had some time to sort photos, I will post a series of galleries from 3 cities. My first stop was Auckland. It was fun running in Auckland Domain and visiting the museum & botanical garden…

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