WordCamp San Francisco 2008 Reports & Slides

For those who didn’t make it to WordCamp San Francisco this year (myself included), it’s quite a work to find out all the reports and slides for the event. I know this because I translated the schedule into Japanese and was trying to link to additional information I could find.

I know that they are trying new things every year to improve the event. My hope is that the web site is going to be a resourceful place even after the event. Last year’s official site had a post for each presentation. Having bloggers send pings to those posts probably wasn’t the perfect solution (spams, pings from too many irrelevant posts, etc.) but I think I liked it better than this year’s.

So, I originally collected the information for the Japanese post; then I figured it may be useful for other readers as well. Lots of links here came from Andrew Mager’s ZDnet article and The WordCamp Report, as well as presenter’s own sites. Thanks!

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