WordPress Plugin Translation Troubleshooting Flowchart

Note: This flowchart is not fully up-to-date. Please read Plugin Handbook Internationalization documentation for the latest information.

You can now use wp-info.org’s handy tool “Is your plugin i18n ready?” and its Chrome Extension: wp-info.org i18n plugin check.

I made a flowchart for troubleshooting WordPress Plugin translation, in preparation for this weekend. Meetup organizers from 13 cities in Japan are holding Plugin/Theme/Codex translation sprints on May 17th!

Plugin Troubleshooting Flowchart

An SVG file and Japanese version of the chart (PNG) are also available.

Solving Feed List Plugin Encoding Issue

I started having encoding issues with Feed List plugin sometime between I installed it and maybe when I upgraded to WP 2.2. It took me a while to find this out because I don’t look at my blog’s homepage that often; I usually only see the admin area & individual post page for preview. Unless I had special character in my feed item, it wasn’t noticeable.

But anyways, I had been played around with the plugin and I finally fixed it. Since I saw many people asking about the same issue on the plugin author’s page & google group, I wanted to share what I did here.

For this WordPress 2.3.1 blog, these settings worked:

  • Feed source: del.icio.us RSS, converted using FeedBurner
  • Feed List Plugin Version: 2.2
  • My custom settings (everything else except RSS URL is default):
    • “num_items”=> 8
    • “show_description”=>false
    • “suppress_link”=>false

All special characters show up fine now, including Japanese characters.
Example: http://blog.detlog.org/ (See “My Recent Bookmarks” on the side)

The key (for me) was to just use FeedBurner RSS instead of original del.icio.us version.
So you might want to try either using original one or converted FeedBurner RSS.

WP 1.5 Upgrade and Plugins

This blog was running on WordPress 1.0 (!) until this morning, but not any more! I upgraded to WordPress 1.5 ME (Multilingual Edition), and installed a bunch of plugins.
The only reason I use “ME” for this English site is that I have another WordPress blog (my main one, in Japanese) and it’s just easier to synchronize the upgrade that way.

So here is a list of plugins installed on blog.detlog.org (as of today).

And I guess this isn’t a “plugin,” but I also installed WP-Cache.