OSS CAFE Tin Letters

Open Source Cafe Shimokitazawa owner Tom brought back some tin letters from his recent trip to Kansai.

CoderDojo and Librize: Sunday in OSSCafe

Sunday in Open Source Cafe Shimokitazawa is a little different from when I come here for coworking.


Two of WordCamp Tokyo volunteers who are students (jr. high and high school) gave a mini presentation. Daisuke talked about their involvement in WordPress community, and Tomoyuki showed some WordPress sites he and his friend worked on. Not only younger kids but many of the adults looked pretty impressed by their activity.

CoderDojo Tokyo

I taught HTML and CSS to another 7th grader, and several other mentors gave hands-on Scratch lessons.

2 weeks ago I visited Kushimoto to help a friend start a CoderDojo there (I wrote a Japanese blog post about it), on the way back from WordCamp Osaka. One of the volunteers who participated the Kushimoto event will be launching a dojo in Nishinomiya next month too!Read MoreCoderDojo and Librize: Sunday in OSSCafe

Handpresso @ Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe

Yesterday at Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe, there was a new gadget in house… Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Kit! As the name indicates, it’s a handy espresso machine that operates without any electricity or heating device. You’ll need some hot water but the kit includes a thermos bottle so you can take the whole thing out for a picnic and other non-traditional locations to brew your own shot.

Handpresso Outdoor Set
Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Kit
Read MoreHandpresso @ Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe

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