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  • Thanks for 2019, and Happy New Year!

    Thanks for 2019, and Happy New Year!

    It’s already 2020 in Japan but still 2019 somewhere in the world, right? I’ve written a long Japanese version of my year in review but I also wanted to share something here as well. Looking back, it’s been a great year thanks to some unexpected (but good!) changes and opportunities, like being selected as an…

  • Maine, December 2014

    Photos from our first family overseas trip to Maine.

  • Dondo Yaki, Burning New Year’s Decoration

    Japanese New Year celebration lasts longer than that of most other countries, but by now people are wrapping it up and slowly getting back to normal business. I went to Dondo Yaki fire festival near the Anbo Port, where people bring their New Year’s decoration and burn them off in a big pile.