Collaborative Translation: Future of Web App Translation?

Before I wrote my last post on collaborative translation, TechCrunch had covered Facebook translation. Facebook Taps Users To Create Translated Versions Of Site. Spanish, French and German Available Now Facebook Turns 1,500 Users Into Spanish Translation Slaves As described in these articles, Facebook and MySpace have taken different ways to tackle localization of theirs socialRead MoreCollaborative Translation: Future of Web App Translation?

Translating Web Service Online: Who does it the Best?

Lately I’ve been seeing many good examples of web services done in interactive/collaborative ways. On these sites, there is no check-out or check-in of language files. Just text fields for you to inputting translation text data. To name a few: (they’ve had this system for a while) BookMooch LibraryThing Remember The Milk LiveJournal (addedRead MoreTranslating Web Service Online: Who does it the Best?

Multiblogs in two languages

I occasionally get email asking how I set up two blogs for my site ( and There are now several multiblogging solutions out there, but I still keep good ol’ “two separate installs” here. It’s not that I have anything against those alternative multiblog hacks -I just didn’t know any other way at theRead MoreMultiblogs in two languages

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