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  • Optimizing English-based WordPress Theme for Japanese Blog

    Some examples of CSS rules to optimize WordPress themes for Japanese text.

  • CSS Competition Feedback.

    Binary Bonsai’s Michael Heilemann says: But I seriously have no idea why they went with Pink Lillies, it’s horrible very unique, making it next to useless as a template. (Update: Following Michael’s update, I updated this quote too. I like this subtlety better) I understand if some wants to think… “pink? flowers? eek.” or whatever. […]

  • Competition Result

    I can’t believe it… I won the first place for the WordPress CSS Competition. WordPress CSS Style Competition Winners I’m pleased to announce the winners of the first WordPress CSS Style Competition: The Winners Pink Lilies Rubric Human Condition … This is a great reward for me. Hopefully I can create more styles in the […]

  • WordPress Template

    I submitted the “Pink Lilies” template for WordPress CSS Style Competition. I usually blog in Japanese so I set up this English page to say a few things to people who downloaded the template from alexking.org. Please feel free to tweak with it. It’s kind of girly with flowers and pinks, but if you take […]