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  • OTO Android App by 10-year-old

    This simple Android app called OTO was created by @jishiha‘s son who is 10-year-old. He used App Inventor – “a simple programming tool for building Android apps.” Touch one of the animal photos to make sounds. If you say the name of the animal (in Japanese :)) after pressing the microphone icon, Google speech recognition…

  • The Future of the Book by IDEO

    I wonder what will the future of the blog contents/presentation look like. Related: Post-Artifact Books and Publishing by Craig Mod

  • Oviedo by Blind Pilot

    “I didn’t know, I didn’t know I’m not in control I didn’t know, I’m not invincible” Blind Pilot-Oviedo – YouTube.

  • WordCamp SF: WordPress Shirt Store [Video]

    普段 WP Swag Store でオンライン購入のみ可能な WordPress Tシャツが、現在 WordCamp SF にて販売されています。注文したい方は、@naokomc まで! とりあえず受付終了させてもらいますがまた更新を後ほど。 ※ 特定の注文がある場合は、日本時間8月15日の17時くらいまでにお願いします。オンラインストアと全く同じ品揃えではありません。サイズがないものもありますのでご相談ください。数がたくさんあるものについてはいくらか日本にまとめて持っていけると思いますので、イベントなどで必要な方は声をかけてください 🙂

  • Video: Journalism in the Age of Data

    Just finished watching this video on how data visualization can help communicate news and ideas, as well as what’s happening in the field right now. It’s exciting we can make journalism better by working together — programmers with GUI tools for visualization, researchers with data and analysis, designers with pleasing and easy-to-understand presentation, and journalists…

  • Jen Pahlka: Civic Startups are the Next Disruption

    The state of civic hackery and an overview of what Code for America is trying to achieve (or fix). via Blogging for America