CSS Competition Feedback.

Binary Bonsai’s Michael Heilemann says:

But I seriously have no idea why they went with Pink Lillies, it’s horrible very unique, making it next to useless as a template.

(Update: Following Michael’s update, I updated this quote too. I like this subtlety better)

I understand if some wants to think… “pink? flowers? eek.” or whatever. Maybe it looks ugly to some or many people. But then again, it is all matter of taste.

I honestly didn’t think mine was going to win the first place. I am not saying that to be humble, but for the same reason some mentioned at Michael’s post- my design was not generic and it may not be something many people wnat to actually use. Especially guys! And from the viewpoint of flexibility, my design probably do not go very far. Although people are free to change the background image or colors to give it a personal touch.

I really admire Lex Design‘s templates and personally think non-generic templates have their places on the net.

[Another Update – closure]
Now that I read more comments from Michael, I can see what he wanted to say. Maybe my argument here makes no sense or is missing the point, but oh well I will leave it as it is.

Competition Result

I can’t believe it… I won the first place for the WordPress CSS Competition.

WordPress CSS Style Competition Winners
I’m pleased to announce the winners of the first WordPress CSS Style Competition:

The Winners

  1. Pink Lilies
  2. Rubric
  3. Human Condition

This is a great reward for me.
Hopefully I can create more styles in the future. It was fun!

You can see all of the entries at alexking.org.

WordPress Template

I submitted the “Pink Lilies” template for WordPress CSS Style Competition.
I usually blog in Japanese so I set up this English page to say a few things to people who downloaded the template from alexking.org.

Pink Lilies, WordPress theme by Naoko McCracken

Please feel free to tweak with it. It’s kind of girly with flowers and pinks, but if you take out the background images and replace with a solid color or other image, you can change the whole impression.

I am distributing the template under a GPL license, so that’s how I want it to be used (I just followed the instruction…). A link to detlog.org (Japanese only) or blog.detlog.org (English, here) would be nice, too.

I am in the process of learning CSS. If you find any bugs or mistakes on my template, please let me know.

Now, have fun 🙂