Sakura in Tokyo, 2018

It felt like this spring was the best sakura (cherry blossom) season in Tokyo since I had moved here 7 years ago. The blossoms started early, but the weather during the full bloom was warm and less windy/rainy than I had experienced in the past.

I fully enjoyed the flowers by taking many walks and going hanami picnics.

March 17

Early blossoms outside of the Imperial Palace, where I biked along with my new battery-assisted e-bike.

First fully bloomed tree I saw this year, near Iidabashi Station.

March 23

Another one right above the railroad of Sōbu-Chūō Line at Iidabashi Station.

March 24

Walked around Akagi Jinja/Shrine.

The darker pink kind I spotted while my daughter Lisa played in a park.

March 25

This was the best day of the season for me. Sakura at their most beautiful time.

March 27

I took kids to a quick night picnic. Lisa liked it so much she kept saying she wanted to go again. Hopefully, we can do that next year!

March 31

Back at the Imperial Palace area — picnic at Kitanomaru Park with some local families.

April 1

Last hanami for the year at Koishikawa Botanical Garden. It was a windy day, and the fallen petals looked like snowflakes.

Sakura season is so short and unpredictable, but that makes it even more precious. 🌸


2 responses to “Sakura in Tokyo, 2018”

  1. March 23/24th are my favorites. 😍

  2. These are such beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!! Hubby and I hope to visit Japan someday; probably after the kids are grown.

    His dad was stationed there while in the military. Even after more than 40 years, his dad’s eyes still sparkled when he spoke about the time in your country. He deeply loved the people, the culture, the beautiful environment and, of course, the food. 🙂

    I’m lucky he was reassigned to the States or I might never have met my husband (because given a choice, I think my father-in-law would have stayed forever).

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