Migrating Poedit Translation Memory to a Different Computer (Mac)

Poedit v2.1 adde a built-in TMX format export/import feature. The method explained below is no longer necessary, simply use the Manage button under the Translation Memory settings.

Poedit stores its translation memory (TM) locally. As I was switching to a new machine, I wondered what’s the safest way to migrate it.

Poedit Preference Screen: Translatin Memory

After I sent a support request, the software author Václav quickly got back to me. According to him, this is the instruction.

  1. Install Poedit on a new machine.
  2. Make hidden files shown on both machines (through Finder or Terminal.app).
  3. With both Poedit apps closed, copy the following directory from your old machine to a place you can access from the other machine (e.g. Dropbox):
  4. Move the directory to the same location of your new machine.

That’s it! You may be prompted to confirm replacing write.lock and segments.gen files – I said yes to both and it worked fine.

If you are not familiar with dealing with hidden files, it’s better to make hidden files invisible again.

Václav added:

Copying the folder should work fine (even if it’s between platforms), the only thing that would be dangerous would be putting it into a shared folder and accessing from two computers at once.

Translation memory import/export may be added to Poedit in the future, but meanwhile, I hope this is useful!





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