Photos: Automattic Grand Meetup 2015 in Park City, Utah

For the past week, I was in Park City, UT for an annual company meetup. Here are some photos from the trip, although I don’t think I took enough of them to capture exactly what it was like. I guess that’s not a bad thing, because that means I was too busy being overwhelmed, inspired, excited, and amused by actually being with the great people I (remotely) work with at Automattic.

Now, going back to my regular work schedule & some WordCamp Tokyo prep!

Check out #a8cgm tags on Twitter & Instagram for more photos, tweets, blog posts about the meetup.


2 responses to “Photos: Automattic Grand Meetup 2015 in Park City, Utah”

  1. Great recaps (in English and Japanese), Naoko! Thank you for sharing your photos and impressions. So many unforgettable moments!

    1. It was really nice to spend some time with you in person. I was interesting how you and other teammates felt so much more familiar than others this time around!

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