WordCamp Tokyo 2014 Design Team’s Showcase Site on GitHub

WordCamp Tokyo 2014 had a very creative and local-friendly website, custom Wapuu logo, and various swags and branding materials — thanks to the awesome design team.

Today, they launched a GitHub Pages site showcasing their creations all in one location.

WordCamp Tokyo 2014 GitHub Repositry List

Wordcam Tokyo 2014 Design Team's Github Repos

In the past years, these kinds of design data used to just sit somewhere in a shared folder of the project management web service we used to organize the event. We then had to dig around and give the right permission to the right people, as members of the design team change from year to year.

They still need to add some resources and tweak it a little, but it’s a great step forward in making it easy to share their work!

Props to Yutaro, Yasushi, and Mayuko for making this happen.

And here are some photos of the event:





3 responses to “WordCamp Tokyo 2014 Design Team’s Showcase Site on GitHub”

  1. Filipe Varela Avatar

    Best WordCamp swag of the world.

    1. Naoko Takano Avatar

      They really did a great job – and had fun 🙂

  2. Druesome Avatar

    Even the snacks have customized packaging! Amazing! 🙂

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