Maine, December 2014

It’s been a while since I posted a monthly roundup of photos on this blog. I just came back from our first overseas family trip to Maine with my husband and newborn daughter, and here are some snapshots from that time.

I wasn’t sure if taking a 4-month old baby on a long trip would be a good idea, but I’m glad we decided to go. She handled long flights very well, and she seems to have grown up quite a bit in the past 10 days. She rolled over for the first time, can hold a toy and move it to her mouth, and smiles to people (flight attendants loved that!). I’m amazed by this little girl’s ability to adapt to a new environment.

I hope our 2015 will be filled with joy and pleasant surprises like this trip.

Happy new year!


2 responses to “Maine, December 2014”

  1. That’s just lovely, Naoko. 🙂 Wish you three a beautiful 2015!

    1. Thanks Filipe 🙂 Same to you & your family and friends!

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