Fukuoka, May 2014

We visited my family in Fukuoka this weekend.

Dazaifu Tenmangu

We really enjoyed the nice weather in Dazaifu.

Ramen, thatched roof restaurant, and Itoshima

We had a Mother’s Day lunch with Grandma & Mom at a restaurant in the woods. My aunt took us all over the place from the east side to the west side of the city.


3 responses to “Fukuoka, May 2014”

  1. That’s really beautiful! Shame it’s so far away from Tokyo, how long would it take on the Shinkansen?

    1. It takes about 5.5-6.5 hours from Tokyo to Fukuoka (Hakata Station) but if you visit another area in between and spend a few days there, it’s not too bad of a trip. I used to go from Tokyo to Fukuoka, stopping at Kyoto or Osaka on my way.

      1. Awesome! I thought it was a much longer trip than that. Oh, don’t think I’ve told you this: we’re going back this year! 😀

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