Draw with Us – w/ Linda Gavin in Tokyo

My friend invited me to a fun and unusual occasion last night – an opportunity to draw with Linda Gavin (@jusum). She is a graphic artist living in Berlin, and is the designer of the original Twitter logotype.

Draw with us” is a weekly drawing get-together Linda has been organizing in Berlin for about a year. She said she started it to encourage digital designers (and people in other design fields) to explore their creativity more freely using non-digital medium.

During her mini presentation, she said having creative habits/projects outside of our work can bring unexpected expansion to a different creative field.

“Rainy season” and “tree in action” were our drawing themes for last night. I only used blue pencil, but everyone’s style was different, with colored pencils, watercolor, pens, and pastels. I thought it was really nice we could complete 2 drawings each; that clearly displayed each person’s style.

I used to draw/paint a lot in schools (I have a BFA) – this was a great exercise that made me remember how fun it is to draw freely.

Voyage Group’s OASIS library was a really nice venue for the event, too 🙂





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