Photo Summary of My Past Weeks

Following up on my last photo sets, here are some more I took in the past few weeks.

Unfortunately the weather in Tokyo this spring didn’t really make a great ohanami season this year. It got warm too early and then rained a lot — but I enjoyed the last bit of cherry blossoms in Yoyogi Koen and Inokashira Koen.

Last Tuesday, Bryan Lee (whom I first met in WordPress Meetup in Singapore last year) and his coworkers from Intraix visited OSS Cafe. Very coincidental thing happened then – another friend of mine, Nakahata-san happened to stop by and start chatting with them and he realized he blogged about Intraix just a month ago (his blog post about the encounter – with our photo)! It was so random. There’s something about OSS Cafe that makes these things possible and I am grateful for the place being what it is.

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