Photo Summary of My Past Weeks

Following up on my last photo sets, here are some more I took in the past few weeks.

Unfortunately the weather in Tokyo this spring didn’t really make a great ohanami season this year. It got warm too early and then rained a lot — but I enjoyed the last bit of cherry blossoms in Yoyogi Koen and Inokashira Koen.

Last Tuesday, Bryan Lee (whom I first met in WordPress Meetup in Singapore last year) and his coworkers from Intraix visited OSS Cafe. Very coincidental thing happened then – another friend of mine, Nakahata-san happened to stop by and start chatting with them and he realized he blogged about Intraix just a month ago (his blog post about the encounter – with our photo)! It was so random. There’s something about OSS Cafe that makes these things possible and I am grateful for the place being what it is.

4 thoughts on “Photo Summary of My Past Weeks

  1. That sweets tower looks so delicious. Did you have that in the park while taking in the cherry blossoms?

    1. Yeah, we had a potluck party – with a makeshift kotatsu!

  2. The “Sakura at night” picture is awesome!

    1. I was surprised it turned out ok since it was dark. Love my iPhone camera 🙂

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