My Articles in a Japanese WordPress Plugin Book

I’ve contributed 3 articles to a recent Japanese publication (プロが選ぶ WordPress 優良プラグイン事典) on WordPress Plugins.

Japanese WordPress Plugins Book Cover

It lists useful Plugins in 7 different categories such as image, mobile, social, editor helper, etc. There are surprising many WordPress books in Japan but I often hear from readers of them (especially from beginners) that they wish the Plugins recommendation section was longer. Since majorities of Plugins only have their official documentation in English and many Plugins are not (yet) localized, Japanese users often get lost in choosing safe and reliable ones that match their needs.

This book was made possible with hard work of the author team lead Hajime Ogushi and MdN Corp. Publishing staff. Thanks!

The team of 17 coauthors teamed up because of a WordPress news/tutorial blog WP-D, which launched with Hajime’s lead after WordVolcano Kagoshima event in July 2012. It was nice to work with other WordPress enthusiasts for this book.

Here are some shots of pages I wrote:

Jetpack by

Japanese WordPress Plugins Book: Jetpack

WP Multibyte Patch

Japanese WordPress Plugins Book: WP Multibyte Patch

WP Multibyte Patch is a ,ust-have Plugin for Japanese users, developed by Seisuke Kuraishi of Japanese WordPress Package team.


Japanese WordPress Plugins Book: Akismet

This book is available in Japanese There is a Kindle edition as well (you will need an account instead of


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