Random Photos: Spring in Tokyo

It’s officially spring in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms are blooming earlier than usual. I can’t stop taking photos as I ran into them (which happens every day) – makes me happy every time I see those pretty pink flowers.

Since I moved to a new neighborhood last month, I have been trying out different restaurants and shops around my place. I am discovering really nice cafés and bakeries, even a great coffee roaster.

Last Sunday, I went running in Yoyogi Park with some friends. We had a picnic breakfast under cherry trees. I strolled around Tokyo Outdoor Weekend event afterward with one of the friends and his dog.

So these are just some random photos to sum up the past couple of weeks in my life 🙂

4 thoughts on “Random Photos: Spring in Tokyo”

    1. Hi Tamika! Japan in this time of year is so beautiful – I just went to cherry blossom viewing at a nearby park last night too… Thanks for sharing your blog too, I love your photos in tiled galleries! I really like the feature 🙂

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