New Zealand Photos (Auckland)

In February, I visited New Zealand for the first time for 19 days. Now that I’m back in Tokyo and had some time to sort photos, I will post a series of galleries from 3 cities.

My first stop was Auckland. It was fun running in Auckland Domain and visiting the museum & botanical garden on a sunny day.

I also uploaded more photos on Flickr: Auckland, NZ 2013
Next, Wellington!

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  1. Thanks for making our city look so good, and always good to see our sister city Fukuokans making their way onto our shores. I really enjoyed my few months living there, so I like the idea of our city paying back some of the hospitality I received.

    • You lived in Fukuoka?! I’m glad you found my post 🙂 I was lucky to be blessed with great weather in Auckland, the photos turned out pretty nice!

      • Yeah, I lived there for about nine months instead of going to high school when I was 16. So much fun, and it was nice enough to snow a little for me while I was there. Back then Canal City had just opened.