Fall Morning Photowalk

This morning, I biked & walked around Yoyogi Park and took photos.

First, breakfast at a bakery I had never been to before. How can I not love the open air seating and nicely baked cinnamon bread?

Bird bath ashtray

Bird bath ashtray outside another restaurant.

Yoyogi Park

People at the park all looked so happy. They seemed to know what make them happy. Walking their dog, watching kids and smiling, opening a champaign with friend, running, napping, smooching, reading, playing the guitar, singing… Just simple things.

Here are a few cosmos photos at the garden.


Purple Cosmos & Sky White Cosmos & Sky As usual, I took all of these with my iPhone (4s) and tweaked them on Camera+ app.





2 responses to “Fall Morning Photowalk”

  1. Sheri Avatar

    Beautiful photos! I LOVE the flower shots!

    1. Naoko Avatar

      Yay 🙂 They turned out surprisingly good!

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