CoderDojo Tokyo at Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe

I had fun hanging out at the OSS Cafe and tutoring a girl about CSS Box Model and pseudo classes today.

OSS Cafe, my favorite coworking space in Tokyo, has been holding this CorderDojo event on Sunday afternoon to teach kids programming in HTML/CSS, Scratch, JavaScript and more.

Box Model and Panda.

The organizers of CoderDojo Tokyo (in Shimokitazawa) chapter has been doing a really great job, regularly holding the dojo every weeek and attracting new kids and mentors. Better yet, their activity is also getting some people in other areas of Japan interested in opening their own CoderDojo.

CoderDojo Tokyo

Next week, they will be streaming an event  from OSS Cafe to share how to start CoderDojo. I love the open-sourceness of this movement and I hope this will spread out in Japan.

Special thanks to my coworkers Beau and Stephane who inintially shared the info about CoderDojo, which (kind of) ignited all these things happing in Japan now. You guys rock!



2 responses to “CoderDojo Tokyo at Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe”

  1. The class conducted in English or Japanese language?

    1. Both. It depends on the availability of the tutor who speaks English but usually there’s someone who can teach in English. 2 kids yesterday were being taught in English yesterday.

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