Climbing Mt. Yatsugatake (Tengudake)

Last weekend, I went mountain climbing to Yatsugatake in Nagano for the first time. In fact it was also my first overnight mountain trip and staying at a lodge. 4 of us took an early morning train from Shinjuku to Chino City to meet up with 3 others.

Here are our boots, still without any mud.

Climbing Boots
Climbing boots on the train

We climbed up to the mountain lodge on the first day. It was rainy but this first part was not too long — under 3 hours. We took it easy for the afternoon, chatting, cooking, and doing some stretch (2 of the girls in the group were yoga/pirates trainers).

Kuroyuri Hütte in Yatsugatake
We stayed at Kuroyuri (Black Lily) Hütte
Chick Pea & Beans Curry with Pickled Shallots
Chick pea & beans curry with rice and homemade pickled shallots

The lights were out by 8:30 PM and most of us woke up at 5, while I slept in until 5:30, to get ready. On the trail, there were still some snow and ice.

To Tengudake
Climbing on snow to Tengudake

It rained quite a bit on the first day but the weather was just perfect for the second day.

Suribachi Pond
Suribachi Pond

And here’s a photo of myself at the top of Higashi-Tengudake. The view and the air were amazing.

Naoko at Higashi-Tengudake
Me at Higashi-Tengudake
At Higashi-Tengudake
At Higashi-Tengudake. Elevation 2,646 meters

The photos and text can only describe some of the great experience that I had. I can’t wait for the next chance to get out and do this again.

More photos on Flickr: Yatsugatake




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