Annular Eclipse 2012 in Tokyo

I got to experience the annular eclipse this morning and it was amazing.

Annular Eclipse 2012, Tokyo
Taken at 7:33:05 a.m.

Annular Eclipse 2012, Tokyo
Taken at 7:31:21 a.m.

What I saw with my eyes were much clearer than these photos – I didn’t expect it to be that clear, so it was a nice surprise.

Annular Eclipse 2012, Tokyo
Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku

There were kids from Nagoya – they were on a school trip and staying at the same hotel with Rachel & Warren. The teacher and kids were so nice that they let us borrow their screens and special glasses for seeing the eclipse. We were lucky to have met them because without the screen or glasses it just looked like this:

Annular Eclipse 2012, Tokyo
A bit of reflection on the building wall too

The kids were excited to have pictures taken with Warren and their photos posted on his blog 🙂 He kept signing his blog address on their student handbooks (生徒手帳). Good PR!

Warren and kids
Warren writing down his blog address

It was a fun morning with a very beautiful view of the sun and an unexpected encounter.

Warren & Rachel
Warren & Rachel looking at the annular eclipse!




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