My 2011 in Numbers

Of course, I don’t believe that the numbers alone can show what my 12 months was like. I still wanted to wrap my year up in an objective way so I can set some clear goal for the next year.

In 2011, I:

Blogged from 43 different locations

According to the tag cloud of my photo blog, where I posted 128 times this year. If I have to choose my favorite place I blogged from this year, it was the Central Park lawn. Well, I actually can’t decide over that or Saratoga Springs. I’m not focusing on posting often per se, but I want to keep recording events and thoughts in my days however brief.

In August, I posted most photos – 24 times – and I love the archive page of that month:

Blog archive for August 2011

I also translated 51 News posts at, published 20 posts on, 14 posts on, and 28 posts on Not so many actual “blog posts” (rather than bookmark links) on this blog, which I want to work on more next year.

Ran ~300 km in 8 months

According to Nike+. Disclaimer: I missed recording probably a handful of times & I’m not certain if my old iPhone was recording the distance correctly. So the number could be somewhat off (I’m really not sure if I can run 1km in 4:18 as it suggests).

I started running in May. I’m not at all proud of my record for the past couple of months, but I’m happy that I am continuing this effort. I want to run a half marathon at least once next year, not for the sake of competition but for keeping myself more motivated. The graphic below is from my page on the Nike+ web site.

Took 13 trips over 112 days

According to TripIt. This was my first year living in Tokyo but I just realized that I only spent a third of it there. I got to go to many great cities for WordCamps and Automattic company meetups.

The map below is taken from Dopplr with the same travel data (but not just in 2011). Time to start traveling outside of Japan/US/Europe, maybe? Though I’m not planning on setting a goal to go to more cities/countries next year, I want to take at least one personal trip to somewhere I’ve never been to.

Dopplr Map 2011

Gave 9 Presentations

According to Slideshare (excluding a couple each of small meetups & company meetup flash talks). Most viewed slides were the one for WordCamp Kobe (3909 times). One of my goals next year is to improve my presentation skill. I was really inspired by a colleague who did this by joining Toastmasters, which I want to try next year.

I do realize I have a lot to do in the upcoming 365 days, but I want try not to make myself “too busy” with everything. Thank you for those who supported me throughout the year.

Have a happy new year!






6 responses to “My 2011 in Numbers”

  1. Rick Martin Avatar

    Very cool overview. Makes me want to go and review key numbers for myself as well. Happy new year!

    1. Naoko Avatar

      Thanks Rick! This was my first time trying the format but I enjoyed it. Makes me feel want to track more of what’s happening.
      Happy new year to you too!

      1. Rick Martin Avatar

        If you like tracking lots of different things, you might try out [daytum]( I don’t use it, but if I used an iPhone, I think I would.

      2. Naoko Avatar

        Found that I had an account for Daytum but haven’t really utilized it so far. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll look into it again.

  2. anthviv Avatar

    Hey Naoko – Love it! Yet somehow our paths didn’t cross 🙁 Maybe in 2012. We’ll have to catch up soon.

    1. Naoko Avatar

      Definitely – I would love to visit NY again this year…
      Happy New Year Anthony.

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