The effect of the Internet on journalism

[…] some of the fear about the decline of the traditional media industry stems from a fear of losing control over the machine he calls “The Epiphanator” — that giant engine that churns out happy and sad stories with tidy beginnings and satisfying conclusions. In its place we are seeing something much more like the stream of content that McLuhan tried to describe, in which everyone can publish and everyone can filter (or not), and stories simply rise and fall and live and die regardless of what a traditional media outlet thinks of them.

Which is a good thing as long as we have a basis of what/who to believe & we can think for ourselves. I realize not everyone is going to like the chaotic situation. But it’s exciting to think that we’re in the middle of the change where we can have an effect on how the journalism and communication are going be shaped for the future (yes, I am an optimist).

via Is the internet making journalism better or worse? Yes — Tech News and Analysis.

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