WordCamp Malaysia 2010 is Tomorrow!

After quite a long but pretty smooth travel from Detroit, I arrived at Kuala Lumpur this morning. I’m here to speak at WordCamp Malaysia tomorrow at 9:30 am! I’ve never been to any WordCamps outside of US and Japan, so this is very exciting.

The organizer Simon Lim told me that about 150 people had registered, and there will be attendees and speakers from Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and more.

Looking at the full schedule, I can see the sessions will cover a wide range of WordPress topics. I’m looking forward to learning more about blogging and WordPress in this part of the world.

WordCamp Malaysia’s Twitter account is @wordcampmy and the hastag is #wcmy.

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  2. I didn’t realize there is a community of WordPress in this part of the world. That is great! I hope one day I can join in a WordCamp event.