WordCamp Fukuoka 2010 in 10 days!

WordCamp Fukuoka 2010I’m really excited to be speaking at WordCamp Fukuoka 2010 on February 27th. It’s the very first WordCamp in my home town! It takes place at my aunt’s alma mater Seinan Gakuin University.

The speaker includes Contact Form 7 plugin author Takayuki Miyoshi (takayukister), P2/Monotone/Duotone theme author Noel Jackson, Time, Inc. consultant/developer Ned Watson, Frogman Office designer Yuki Yamaguchi, and paperboy&co. engineer Manno Junji (ecogrammer).

The idea for this WordCamp started from last year’s WordCamp NYC. Masanori Hashimoto, attendee & sponsor of WCNYC was so inspired by the event that he decided doing a WordCamp in Fukuoka. I’m excited to see such influence from one WordCamp to another, because that’s how I got involved in organizing WordCamps myself after attending one in San Francisco in 2007. I’m sure a lot of good things will come out of this event too.

Some Facts:

  • This WordCamp is the 4th one in Japan (hopefully followed by more in other cities later in the year!).
  • Almost 200 event attendees & 100 after-party signups at this time. Largest attendance for WordCamp in Japan so far.
  • The “Genius Bar” will be held at a Japanese tearoom. I’m sure that’s the first time ever 🙂

You can follow their Twitter account @wcfukuoka2010 or #wcfukuoka2010 hashtag.





2 responses to “WordCamp Fukuoka 2010 in 10 days!”

  1. Fimpen Avatar

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    I really enjoyed the event “WordCamp.”

    I would love to keep using “WordPress,” creating good websites, and following your twitter;)

    Sincerely yours,


    1. Naoko McCracken Avatar

      I’m originally from Fukuoka so this WordCamp was especially fun. 🙂

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