WordCamp SF, WordPress 2.8, and WordPress Meetup Site

It’s already past mid-June, but better late than never.

WordCamp SF 2009

WordCamp SF 2009 (by naokomc)It was nice to be at WordCamp SF after missing it last year. This was my first time since I organized two WordCamps in Tokyo (+ an event in Osaka), so I was even more impressed with how smoothly the whole thing went. I know it wasn’t easy but seemed effortless… great job!!

I helped at the Genius Bar answering some questions; it was different from answering question over help desk tickets and email… but I enjoyed it.

I feel like I’m always repeating myself, but meeting people face-to-face is very powerful thing. People are excited about real-time communication (i.e. Twitter, Google Wave) but nothing is more real than actually being there. I’m happy to be able to realize that fully because of WordPress, which is kind of ironic since it started out to be totally virtual project across people in different countries. It all circles back I guess.

WordPress 2.8

My favorite thing about 2.8 so far is the speed (of the admin panel). I’m not the one to switch themes/widgets all the time but those features are neat, too. Being able to browse through many themes gives me some idea for future redesign… though I have no idea when that will be 😛

Ferndale WordPress Meetup

Created yet another WordPress site for the Ferndale WordPress Meetup. But during last meetup, I just realized taking notes on text editor and writing a post later is so old school! I’m going to use P2 to live-blog next time. This way, we can share URLs much easier across the table too.





2 responses to “WordCamp SF, WordPress 2.8, and WordPress Meetup Site”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Would you happen to know where this code is located in wordpress 2.8. I would like to change the message ” your comment is awaiting moderation” to something else.

    comment_approved == ‘0’) : ?>

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. Sit tight!

    1. Naoko McCracken Avatar

      The message should be in comments.php file (wp-content/themes/YOUR-CURRENT-THEME/comments.php).
      Found this post explaining how to modify a theme containing the same message:

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