WordCamp Tokyo 2008

WordCamp Tokyo 2008 SwagsWordCamp Tokyo took place on September 23rd at Digital Hollywood [private web/design school] in Shibuya. It was the very first WordCamp in Japan!

For the past three years, I had been going to WordPress meetup (one time each in Osaka, Tokyo and Okayama). This year we decided to finally organize a WordCamp in Tokyo. I participated in it as one of the speakers and staff members.

The registration opened on September 4th at 9 am. Seats for 60 attendees were filled up by the next morning. Combined with 20 more attendees who registered through Digital Hollywood, the seminar room was filled to the max capacity!

Unfortunately, Matt was already booked for WordCamp in China this week. However, we had great pleasure in having an Automattician as a speaker. Michael Pick, who is behind the screencasts and videos you see on Automattic sites and WordPress.org, did an impressive presentation called “Lightbulb moments with WordPress.”

Other speakers talked covered a variety of topics; plugin development, theme customization, localization, WordPress MU, and more. We even had speakers from Mozilla Japan and Adobe talk about utilizing their products to enhance WordPress’ capabilities.

I’m so excited to see such strong responses toward a WordPress event in Japan. We are planning more events soon… stay tuned.

I haven’t found very many English reports on this event, but you can read a pretty good write-up on it at Asiajin.


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