Coworking in the Metro Detroit Area

At yesterday’s likemind, we started talking about possibilites of coworking space in the Metro Detroit area.

According to Coworking Community Blog, coworking is defined as “a movement to create a community of cafe-like collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents.”

Workspace: Coworking office in Vancouver
Workspace: Vancouver coworking space

I do love my home office and zero-mile commute (especially in winter), but there’s something about not having people around most of the day that’s starting to bother me again. One of the reasons I decided to take a break from freelancing last time was this. Even on the days I just sit & code all day, being in an office with other team members is different than having a solo home office.

Of course there are many advantages in the current situation too, so I’m still looking for a some kind of hybrid solution. Coworking seems promising – the problem is there’s none available yet in the area I live.

It’s still just a rough collection of links, but here’s a list of what I found from looking around.

General coworking information
Coworking spaces around the country
Detroit area coworking information

Thanks again to Eric Brown at Urbane Apartments for showing us his really cool Royal Oak office and a rental unit on Center Street. I think his kind of open mind is exactly what we need in today’s Michigan.

Maybe having a coworking space can be a good way to nurture that?

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2 responses to “Coworking in the Metro Detroit Area”

  1. Tylor Avatar

    Thanks for this list! It’s is exactly what I was looking for. I am really interested in checking some of these out, as I live in the Metro-d area.

    1. Naoko McCracken Avatar

      Hey, I’m glad it helped! Make sure to check out the meetup group, I took over the organizer role but the co-organizer Brahm has been having a meetup around the area every week.

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