July Detroit Tweetup

My Twitter updates has been a bit slow lately but I’m glad I went to Detroit Tweetup in Ferndale yesterday.

The turnout was really good (20+ people?) and I got to meet many people who are interested in growing their businesses/interest groups and trying new things in the social media playground. @hajjflemings, @primesuspect, @admore, @snicholson26, @shannonpaul, @kevinbiznet@detroitvoice, @jminni, @charliecurve, @annkucera, @damonhenry… Sorry, I know I’m missing some names!

This meetup gave me a good reason to come back to Twitter a little more often. I just let it slow down for a while (this happens to me on many social network/web services) but following more people in the area should be a good change.

Better yet, new projects and ideas have started sprawling from follow-up calls and messages already. I’m not going to say “I attended a good networking event yesterday”; instead, I’ll say “I went to a Tweetup and it was amazing.”


3 responses to “July Detroit Tweetup”

  1. Definitely a great event. Estimated there were 20-30 different people at the event [about 10 went to the after party].

    Lots of talented people. If you want to meet some amazing people Doing and Creating, keep an eye out for the next one. The important thing is that YOU come to that event.

    Social Media allows one to start a relationship; a human connection brings it all together.

    Start building your network now.

  2. I also really enjoyed it. Computers let us communicate with people from all over the place, which is great, but reconnecting on a face-to-face level will always remain critical to professional and personal relationships.

  3. @David

    Social Media allows one to start a relationship; a human connection brings it all together.

    I agree.
    I guess my last line was a bit misleading. To me the word “networking” has somewhat negative connotation that’s why I put it that way. I wanted to emphasize exactly what you said.

    And yes, I will be keeping my eyes on what’s coming up next!
    See you around.


    I love working with people from coast to coast and in countries, but I also know good beer + meeting people in person are necessity 🙂 It was nice meeting you!

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