WordCamp & WordPress Japan Meetup in Okayama

WordCamp 2007

I am excited to say that I am going to WordCamp this year!

The schedule was put up sometime today. I like that the topics are well rounded – no particular weight on one topic such as blogging itself or WordPress’ technical aspect. Being 2 full-day conference on one software, variety is a good thing. Plus, they have something for everyone – freelance web designer, online marketer, hard-core programmer, sysadmin, and of course bloggers.

I’m particularly interested to hear Barry Abrahamson & Matt’s presentation on WordPress performance. “Iterative Design in Agile Environments” by Rashmi Sinha looks good too… Good thing they don’t have multiple presentations at the same time – it was so hard to choose between so many interesting topics & presenters at SxSW. I hate making decisions. I am so bad at it when it comes to multiple things that all look so good.

WordPress Meetup in Okayama

Sunday, July 1
Kurashiki, Okayama (Details TBA)
Please show your interest by posting your comment & name @ WordPress Users Meeting 07 Registration.

I’m also going to another WordPress event in Japan on July 1st. It’s the 3rd Annual WordPress Japan meetup! Last year it took place in Tokyo and we had a pretty good turnout. This year, it’s going to be in beautiful Kurashiki City in Okayama prefecture.

Everyone I met at the past WordPress Japan meetups has been so nice (I’m not just saying that… I really mean it). They are all very enthusiastic about using WordPress to do whatever they are doing… personal blog is probably the most popular reason for using WordPress; there were also a bunch of people using WordPress as a business platform, fully customized CMS, muti-user blog service, etc.

So I hope this year’s meetup will be as much fun as the past 2 years! I just can’t wait for both of these events 🙂


  1. Very cool. It’s a shame I’ll miss it this year.
    I’ll be moving to Japan in the next few months, so hopefully I’ll be able to attend the 2008 meet. 🙂

  2. You know, I didn’t even ask you about this trip when you came back to work last week, my bad. How was Wordcamp – did you learn any new customization tips? Also, did anyone talk about why wordpress is now using jquery for the admin functions when it seemed perfectly fine with prototype?
    I still wonder also if anyone else has tried to run WP in a dev/preprod/prod setup with any success.

  3. Jason,
    Check back later (next year) for the 2008 meetup! I hope to see you then.

    I missed to answer this part of your question: any customization tips? – Actually the presentation were less tutorial-like (they hardly showed codes even on the second day: developer day). But like you said today I would have liked it a lot if they had a little more technical session on ‘best practice in plugin writing’ or something.

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