WordPress Standard Guidebook


You may have heard already, but a new book on WordPress just came out in Japan. I wrote it with a help of WordPress Japan.

WordPress Standard Guidebook

  • Author: Naoko McCracken & WordPress Japan
  • Price: 2,980 yen + tax (approx. $35)
  • 344 pages (with CD-ROM)
  • ISBN4-8399-2169-5
  • Publisher: Mainichi Communications

The book talks about things like getting started with WordPress, setting up a local environment for development, customizing and creating a theme, and installing and making the best use of plugins.

I’d like to thank these theme & plugin authors for letting me include their work in my book. The book explains how to set up these theme/plugins, and includes required files in the CD-ROM.

Wow! That was long 😛
Without you guys, I couldn’t have completed this book. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
(By the way, these plugins I picked for the book are all awesome… I recommend checking them out if you haven’t!)

You can purchase this book from limited outlets outside Japan. Amazon.co.jp offers international shipping but it’s pretty pricey. I think the easiest way is to place a special order from Fujisan.com (for US/Canadian residents). Feel free to contact me if you have any question about the book.


15 responses to “WordPress Standard Guidebook”

  1. Yay \o/ 🙂

  2. […] Naoko McCracken hat ein Japanisches WordPress-Buch geschrieben, die zugehörige CD enthält u.a. mein Plugin Maintenance Mode, siehe Naokos Blog-Beitrag, Artikel bei Photo Matt und das Buch bei Amazon.jp (Google Translation). […]

  3. […] Für die jenigen, die dem Japanischen mächtig sind, steht ein weiteres Buch zur Wahl. Dabei liegt auch ein CD-ROM dabei, die einige Plugins enthält, unter anderem auch von deutschen Autoren. Das Werk ist recht umfangreich. Mehr Infos gibt es im Blogeintrag vom detlog.org und bei Amazon. […]

  4. Thanks Ozh! 😉

  5. Congratulations, Naoko!

  6. Good job Naoko. One day I will learn Japanese and then read it over coffee as my kids tell me about WordPress 9.0 .

  7. I’m sure by then WP 9.0 will have the ability to automatically scan, digitize, and translate my book for you!

  8. […] Naoko McCracken, a web developer up in Michigan recently wrote a book on WordPress in Japanese entitled WordPress 標準ガイドブック (Standard Guidebook). She contacted me back in September to say that she’d included my popular (and very first) WordPress plugin, Monthchunks, in the book and its accompanying CD. […]

  9. Naoko, the book looks great. I can’t believe what it must have taken to write and translate everything in Japanese.

    In case anyone wants to “Look Inside the Book,” I took a picture of the page describing my monthchunks plugin: Monthchunks in WordPress 標準ガイドブック (Standard Guidebook)

  10. […] blog.detlog.org Archive WordPress Standard GuidebookYou may have heard already, but a new book on WordPress just came out in Japan. I wrote it with a help of WordPress Japan . WordPress Standard Guidebook. Author: […]

  11. […] [16:30] PhotoMatt: it was a new WP book they just published there […]

  12. […] 12. Dezember 2006MichaelWebmaster/CMS/Blog Naoko McCracken from Michigan, USA, has published a Japanese WordPress book in October 2006. See Amazon.co.jp listing with google auto-translation. I was very pleased that she has included my WordPress plugin Maintenance Mode in that book and described it on pages 249/250. […]

  13. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  14. Vielen Dank, Thank You. 😉

  15. Great Job, this looks very interesting

    I teach and learn Japanese so will have a read of this as I also build websites and want to get into doing this for the Japanese online market.

    Take care!

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