WordPress Standard Guidebook


You may have heard already, but a new book on WordPress just came out in Japan. I wrote it with a help of WordPress Japan.

WordPress Standard Guidebook

  • Author: Naoko McCracken & WordPress Japan
  • Price: 2,980 yen + tax (approx. $35)
  • 344 pages (with CD-ROM)
  • ISBN4-8399-2169-5
  • Publisher: Mainichi Communications

The book talks about things like getting started with WordPress, setting up a local environment for development, customizing and creating a theme, and installing and making the best use of plugins.

I’d like to thank these theme & plugin authors for letting me include their work in my book. The book explains how to set up these theme/plugins, and includes required files in the CD-ROM.

Wow! That was long 😛
Without you guys, I couldn’t have completed this book. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
(By the way, these plugins I picked for the book are all awesome… I recommend checking them out if you haven’t!)

You can purchase this book from limited outlets outside Japan. Amazon.co.jp offers international shipping but it’s pretty pricey. I think the easiest way is to place a special order from Fujisan.com (for US/Canadian residents). Feel free to contact me if you have any question about the book.

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  1. […] Für die jenigen, die dem Japanischen mächtig sind, steht ein weiteres Buch zur Wahl. Dabei liegt auch ein CD-ROM dabei, die einige Plugins enthält, unter anderem auch von deutschen Autoren. Das Werk ist recht umfangreich. Mehr Infos gibt es im Blogeintrag vom detlog.org und bei Amazon. […]

  2. I’m sure by then WP 9.0 will have the ability to automatically scan, digitize, and translate my book for you!

  3. Great Job, this looks very interesting

    I teach and learn Japanese so will have a read of this as I also build websites and want to get into doing this for the Japanese online market.

    Take care!

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