New Theme for This Site

I FINALLY finished updating the design for this site!

(Note: This is a recaptured screenshot in Setp. 2011)

This is a completely original theme I made from scratch especially for this site, and sorry, I’m not planning on releasing as public theme. Of course, feel free to take a look at the sorce code and css – as long as you don’t use images or the “whole” code without attribution. If you are not sure, just ask.

You might wonder, “what’s with these garbela daisies all over the site?” Well, in fact it’s just my favorite kind of flower. I know this (“I just like it”) is pretty lame explaination for any kind of design work – but when it comes to a personal site, that could mean a lot. I’m trying to stick with a continous color choice (undertoned pink) along with garbela imagery to build a recognizable “brand” for this site.

After all, Apple gave apples a whole new meaning!

This is a list of plugins I started using with this new theme.

For inserting Flickr images in the header section.
Feed List
For pulling on the index page.
For compact monthly archives list at the bottom of each page.


7 responses to “New Theme for This Site”

  1. As usual, Nao, your themes and templates are excellent. This one’s great! You’re actually the only person I’ve ever considered asking to build a custom theme for me, but obviously, I’ve never got that far. Some day, when money is ripe and I actually know what I’d like… Cheers!

  2. Niklas,
    That’s such a compliment! Well, I hope the day will come when we can work on your project 😀 That would be fun!

  3. Hi Mrs. McCracken, I am just wondering if I can ask you manage to make the link jump from the icon on the top to the sidebar at the bottom. I know this sound a bit stupid ^^;; but I tried to use the traditional

  4. Wow, this is a really beautiful theme.

  5. Happy new year !-!

  6. I could not agree more with Niklas! It is SO rare to find beautiful, sensual and yet reader friendly webdesign. Yours is all the three.

    I have just opened a blog at and I am using your template. I will probably write the blog both in English and in Finnish.

    *Bowing to the japanese web design master*

  7. Nice theme 😉
    Keep doin it 😉

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