I haven’t upgraded my blog (I mean this one) for WP 2.0, but a new version of Orange Sky theme is here!
Thanks to all of you who gave me feedback after the first release, I found and fixed some glitches such as spacing problem and tag incompatibility.

Download the whole package from here: http://download.detlog.org/wordpress/themes/orangesky/20/OrangeSky.zip

Or grab parts of it from here: http://dev.wp-themes.org/browser/orange-sky/trunk/


index.php, 404.php, sidebar.php, single.php, about.php, links.php, archive.php, header.php and style.css

Newly added:

screenshot.jpg (for WP2.0 admin page)
images/os_header2.jpg (header image without “Powered by WordPress” text)

Now that I (finally) started version-controlling my theme using WordPress Theme and Style Repository, I promise to upload newer versions whenever necessary.

137 thoughts on “Orange Sky for WP 2.0

  1. Hello, I’m using your theme, its very nice.
    But I found some of bugs when used it. I use Editor Monkey http://www.rajprasad.net/ for creating new post, but if I user tag, the side bar will go down the page. I wasn’t happened when I use original Wysiwyg from WP. I just update to Version 2 of your theme, but the problem still arise. Do you know whay is it accur?


  2. >Atmojo,
    Looking at your page source, the problem seems to be the “Polls” section of the sidebar.
    Find: <table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" width="100%">
    and delete: width="100%"
    This should take care of the problem of some sidebar contents going way down.

  3. Please take a look at my blog here, and like Atmojo, my sidebar was brought down and not positioned perfectly on its supposed location. There are still no plugin activated in my blog, and I can’t find a way of bringing it back to its supposed position.

    Your reply would be gladly appreciated. Thank You! 😆

  4. Maiah,
    I checked your site and found (1) The CSS is not the original (v2.0) of Orange Sky theme. (2) There are lots of markup errors (<storng> tags are all over, and one of the <div> was not closed). I tried to find what’s causing the sidebar to drop, but because of (2), it’s very hard to read your markup…
    If you varidate your page at http://validator.w3.org/, you might be able to find the cause of your problem.
    On a page without post, layout is less problematic. http://maiah.filcode.com/index.php?s=eeeeee

    I suggest selecting the default Orange Sky theme files back and see if the problem is in your entry.

  5. Nao,
    The problem arise when I put tag ” inside the post that I made. I have done what you asked me to do (Modifying width of polls), and I has deactive my polls plugin, but the problem still arise.
    The funy things is, this problem (side bar go to bottom of page, only at index page) arise only when I using wysiwyg editor rather that default from WP. But, when I use editor only to create post, save it, and edit the post using wysiwyg from WP (To create “” tag), the problem come again.
    I really need this tag (more) to make my devide my post at the index page.
    Do you have any idea?

  6. Nao,
    The tag is: (Without space)
    To break a page from index. Currently I still using Version 1 of your Theme, because my problem arise on version 2 and older.

  7. Hm, what’s the mystery tag? <more&rt;?
    (if you want to show a tag in your comment, write exactly like this:
    instead of using < or > characters)

    Whatever the tag causing the problem is, look for that (eg. #more for <more> tag) in the css file. Try adjusting padding & margin, or maybe width.
    Let me know if this works. Good luck!

  8. Hi,
    I found your theme really good looking and I took it for my own blog, but I have one problem:
    how to use the “about” page??
    where to put it, what is the link to point it?
    I cannot make it work.
    thanks for your help.


  9. Nao,

    It’s not a question about Orange Sky, but I wanted to let you know that I followed your link from Kaz’s blog–and to say HI!

    So: HI!


  10. Just to let you know….

    in your “full” template you forgot to add a MORE variable after the BODY variable in the item body.

    as you know, this is so extended item-ing will work. took me a bit to figure it out, because i’m new to all this, but that should be helpful for your skin! i like it!

  11. Sorry, forgot to mention the problem is most noticable in the right column under pages. Halway through the list it stops and then resumes farther down the page.

  12. great skin, thank you.
    I’m having only one problem – I can’t align my pictures with a text. They always go below or above the text. How can I fix it?
    Thank you!

  13. Hello Naoko,

    I built my new blog today using your orangesky work.
    It’s a beautiful skin, thanks. I maybe adding some modifications and I hope it will be just fine.


  14. Hi Nao!

    This is a really great theme! I love the colours and graphics used!

    Oh, do you plan on enhancing this theme? One suggestion I’ve got is to make the banner wider and flush all the way to the right and to push the sidebar downwards below the banner (like your current theme!). This is because I realise that if you try to integrate OrangeSky with Gallery2, it will only display album thumbnails in the area below the banner which is already quite narrow.

    Anyway, just a suggestion! You probably have a million and one more important things to do! Nonetheless, I’m really looking forward to the next version of this already great theme! 😀

  15. Hi Archshrk,

    The key to solving your sidebar problem is to shorten the word “Transportation”. Somehow, words that are too long will cause the sidebar to break in IE. 🙂

  16. Thanks. I had figured that was the problem but never got around to changing it. Works now. However the margin is too wide (look at the upper right corner) Haven’t had time to look into that one but I’m sure it’s a CSS issue within IE.

  17. Hi! Just letting you know I’ve been using your Orange Sky theme over in my WPMU install (linked above) for my users to pick from, and I widgetized it. Haven’t had any issues with it at all. It’s nice. 🙂

  18. Thanks for v2.0 🙂 However, the spacing problem still persists in the comments area of my blog – please take a look at http://www.fringer.org/?p=136 and let me know what I’m doing wrong. I only edited your stylesheet to add some custom classes, nothing to do with comments. Thanks!

  19. Hi ya there. I loved your skin. I’ve been breaking my brain trying to add content to the About page and other links at the top. Any suggestions??

    thanks! Clau

  20. hi there, beautiful theme yours, thank you very much.
    my problem is that all of a sudden the sidebar contents gets way down and squeezed but only in the entry page, as soon as you browse to other page it gets right (???) that occurs in IE and in FireFox it is different problem like you cant see the white background and the side bar text gets squeezed too, only in main page as well.

  21. @imclaudia:
    seems you have to create a new page for example called “about” for the about page from within wordpress.

    @ all who have layoutproblems
    i tracked down the problem to the code inside sidebar.php which generates the links-list. i dunno what makes it screw up so far.

  22. I think I got the problem wirh the sidebar. In the new version of WordPress, there is a bug that sometimes introduces a in a new post and that screws up the sidebar. At least when I take off the the page becomes normal.

  23. Hi

    I’m using your theme on one of my sites – slightly modified – with WP1.5.03 but am considereing upgrading to 2.03. My question is – as I like widgets – will you be upgrading Orange Sky – to widgets?

    I see that Andrea has widgetised it, perhaps she could help if you don’t have plans to do it?

  24. I recently started using WordPress and am using the OrangeSky theme, which is STUNNING, by the way. I’m also using Coppermine for my gallery with the same modified theme. When creating a new page, WP creates a dark red/orange tab at the top of the OrangeSky theme. Is there a way I can get this tab and page link to link directly to my Coppermine gallery index? I know I can add custom links to the sidebar of WordPress, but I really like these tabs on the OrangeSky theme.

    Thanks for your help! Great theme, I love it.

  25. I just had to say I love this template! Great job! It fits my blog perfectly. I also want to try and use coppermine with mine as well. haven’t done it yet, but if there’s an issue. i’d love to know!



  26. Great! even sweater!
    Thanks for the heads up. Now if I can only figure out how to have a “home” tab.. then it’d be perfect!



  27. Sorry if I missed anyone….I am awful at keeping up with questions. Please feel free to leave more comments.

    I made “about.php” as Page template. 😉

    Thanks for pointing that out!

    I hope to have time sometime (hopefully) this year to get some bug fixes and widgetizing done…

    Not sure about what you mean by custom tabs… but you might enjoy this article if you are interested in the tab css.
    A List Apart: Articles: Sliding Doors of CSS
    A List Apart: Articles: Sliding Doors of CSS, Part II

    If you just want to link to outside of WP site, simply delete <?php bloginfo('url'); ?> from href attribute and put the url you want.

    Thanks for your kind words about the theme!

    Bajanman (Will),
    Thanks Erin for helping me answer questions here. “Home” tab is hard-coded right now, but if you open up header.php and modify text between <li> and <a>, you can have the tabs to say whatever you want.

    <ul id="menu">
      <li><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>">home</a></li>
      <li><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/about/">about</a></li>
      <li><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/links/">links</a></li>

    Alternatively, you can use wp_list_pages() tag as below, if you have WordPress Page(s) that you want to appear as tabs.

      <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>

  28. Hi Naoko,

    Sorry I haven’t posted sooner but I wanted to let you know that I liked your OrangeSky theme so much that I ported it to Coppermine Photo Gallery. You can check it out here on the demo site: (http://coppermine-gallery.net/demo/cpg14x/index.php?4x=&theme=OrangeSky). I have since started my own blog and have been using this theme and with Coppermine, I’ve integrated LightBox JS for popup images.


    Billy (a.k.a. Gizmo on Coppermine)

  29. Hey Will,

    CoppermineSC is a plugin for WordPress that grabs photos from Coppermine to include them in WordPress. You have to download and install Coppermine Photo Gallery for it to work. Once you install Coppermine, you’ll be able to use this theme with Coppermine and it will appear transparent with WordPress (after you put the links in).



  30. Glad you liked my theme, Bajanman! 😀

    Thanks for porting my theme! I’ve never tried Coppermine. How do you like it?

  31. Just want to think you for the Orange sky skin. Used it for Nucleus, changed to wordpress, and I had a trouble finding another skin.

    Then I thought of checking if you had made a WP version, and Viola! – thanks dude

  32. Hello-
    I think this will a fairly simple question for someone that has more knowledge of this theme/ccs than I do. When I open my page in Firefox it looks great. However, when I open it in IE 6, the font size and spacing is all messed up on the sidebar. If I go to a different page or click on a post while using IE, it looks fine though. Its only on the main page

    URL of my page:

    And thanks in advance!

  33. Hello-
    I think this will be a fairly simple question for someone that has more knowledge of this theme/css than I do.
    When I open my page in Firefox it looks great. However, when I open it in IE 6, the font size and spacing is all messed up on the sidebar. If I go to a different page or click on a post while using IE, it looks fine though. Its only on the main page

    URL of my page:

    And thanks in advance!

  34. Hello, Naoko-chan. I made some skin designs from inspirations of your orange sky.

    One is Fine Spot Network; the index page is powered by Joomla and the community is powered by Simple Machines Forum.

    Fine Spot Network Fine Spot Network English Fine Spot Network Chinese Fine Spot Network Japanese Twilight People

  35. Your Comment

    I am another Orange Sky fan! Still not very knowlegeable of css though—how can I make the centre / main part of the page wider??

    Thank you in advance.

  36. Thanks for the cool theme. I am new to wordpress and can’t figure out how to get the author breif description to display in the sidebar of the first page. I can’t seem to find it in the documentation on WP forums or docs either. Wuld you mind helping? Thanks!


  37. i am using this theme for my multiuser french wordpress blog platform, where people can create freely a blog. I’d like to thank you about this theme. I modified it for the purpose. For the credits i left a credit link in the footer toward a post (http://faistonblog.com/blog/2006/12/14/2-nouveaux-themes/) where your site is linked. Hope you’re ok with all this if not juste write me;). Thank you again.

  38. Hi,
    We are using a multi user version of WordPress, and I am using your thesem, but I can’t seem to find where to change the text:
    Write a short description of yourself. Additionally use about.php template to create a separate about page. » more about me

    the link ‘more about me’ works, but I can’t change the text before that. Can you tell me where it is?


  39. Hello Nao! OrangeSky is an excellent theme. I love it. I have so far tried to mold the skin to my particular taste and it’s been a little bumpy, since I’m new to all this. But I’m getting there. Well I have one problem. I’ve installed an a plug in called Official Comment, which would differ my comment from the rest. The problem is when I replace this " id="comment-"> with this in the comment.php file " id="comment-">.

    Well I would probably be solve if I could put the older class attribute in with the new one but I won’t work I’m just not doing it right. I’m kind of stuck, really appreciate your help. Thank you for a great theme.

  40. Hello Nao,

    I´m using your theme for my blog
    and I like it very much.

    The colors are going very well together!

    Until now my blog is mainly in german, with a few english articles. Sooner or later it will become bilingual.

    Finally I have a question:
    Until now I´m using WP 2.07
    Does your theme run also under latest WP 2.13 ?


  41. The funy things is, this problem (side bar go to bottom of page, only at index page) arise only when I using wysiwyg editor rather that default from WP

    Best Regards
    Svetainių Kūrimas

  42. Hey Nao!

    As your biggest OrangeSky fan, I’m wondering if you know if it supports WordPress 3.0 now that it’s finally out. I’ve just tried to upgrade to 3.0 but everything went haywire and I had to revert to 2.9.2, which works beautifully. It may be a thing with the plugins though, but I thought I’d just ask you about this.

    Sincerely, with many a thank for the theme still,


  43. Dear Nao, I was using your beautiful orange sky theme, and later on with the new version of wordpress tried many other themes. But orangesky has been the best and my all time favorite, and I’d like to use that once and for all without changing it again atleast in the near future. Can you please let me know if its compatible with the latest version of WordPress. I would be happy to make a moneytary contribution as well. Kindly email me – msanjay75@gmail.com


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