Internet is fun.
It’s also pretty powerful, too.

Or maybe I am awed by people who create something new, or improve things through the net.

Now, back to work…






3 responses to “Internet”

  1.  Avatar

    It doesn’t really help if you just sit around with your computer. There is more to life than internet; internet is for the immature who just want an easy life doing business or profit through e-commerce. You have to reach out and touch people’s lives or you will feel empty.

  2. Nao Avatar

    Good point. I absolutely agree with you – there is so much more to life than Internet. But hey, who doesn’t want easy life or profit? You and I can’t live without job, and this is what I do to make living (I’m a freelance web designer).

    I think Internet adds more to life rather than taking things away from it. I wonder what you think, Mr/Ms. Anonymous.

  3. truegossiper Avatar

    Mwahahahaa.. thanks for posting the cat link! LOL

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