Detroit Festival of the Arts 2005

Today I went to the Detroit Festival of the Arts with my friend.

Sand Sculpture

This is my third time, and I am always happy to see a wide variety of good artists (including musicians/performing artists) at this festival.

Some of the artists I really liked…

Emerson (Photography)
He has taken photos all around the world. Most of his photos are framed/mounted with a complementing quote. Simple but so beautiful.

Gretchen Kramp (Ceramic Tiles)

I’ve always liked her work. If I had $400 that I could spend today, I would have bought the framed tiles on display. She’s the one who did the frog mural in Detroit Zoo (Oh I love that mural so much…).

Herb Brown (Handwrought Jewelry)

I got a couple of toe rings from him today (frog and daisy :-)).

By Naoko Takano

高野直子 / Globalizer at Automattic / 🏠 Tokyo, Japan

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