WP 1.5 Upgrade and Plugins

This blog was running on WordPress 1.0 (!) until this morning, but not any more! I upgraded to WordPress 1.5 ME (Multilingual Edition), and installed a bunch of plugins.
The only reason I use “ME” for this English site is that I have another WordPress blog (my main one, in Japanese) and it’s just easier to synchronize the upgrade that way.

So here is a list of plugins installed on blog.detlog.org (as of today).

And I guess this isn’t a “plugin,” but I also installed WP-Cache.

4 thoughts on “WP 1.5 Upgrade and Plugins”

  1. Hi Nao… I am really sorry to bug you but Im having trouble.
    I run a WordPress blog as well, but whenever I make a backup and restore a backup, all of my japanese characters in the post gets messed up. Have you ever had this problem?

  2. I was trying to use the CSS style switcher with wordpress 1.5 and wasnt able to install it properly, I emailed Alex and havent received a response yet. I am pretty new to wordpress and would like some guidance in setting up my blog perfectly. I would like to know how would you use the different styles available for wordpress with wordpress 1.5

    Waiting for a reply eagerly,

  3. Hi Nao, im currently using ur theme ‘Orangesky’ on my blog, i was just wondering if i can u side widget for that theme?

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