Orange Sky in Persian

This is so cool. (Orange Sky in Persian)

Thanks Ali_ix for letting me know.

If you set up my template in different language, please let me know your url! It’s really exciting to know people all over the world are using my design…

By Naoko Takano

高野直子 / Globalizer at Automattic / 🏠 Tokyo, Japan


  1. Hello Dear
    I’m a persian User of your template “Orange Sky”
    It’s realy realy cool, thank you
    Colors are so good and fantast together
    Come and see my blog

  2. Reza!
    Thanks for letting me know 🙂
    I really love persian font, it’s beautiful. I’m a Japanese so it’s never strange for me to see Japanese / Chinese characters (even Korean, I see them a lot on street signs in my hometown) but persian is really different. I started to realize how others feel about Japanese characters.

  3. I am having trouble making chnages to the about setup that you have in your template. I manually made the necessary changes using php but I was wondering what was suppoosed to happen when i made changes to the profile. And I simply could not find the ‘about’ text within the little admin util in wordpress …… I only found it neatly tucked away in the code.

  4. Hello Nao,

    I’m using your OrangeSky theme for a lot of months.

    If you wanna see how it works in Chinese,just come and see my blog.

    Thanks for your great work!

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