About the Noise

I agree with Ozh, so here you go: too.
(Picturing him opening his PC during vacation and writing that entry makes me feel bad enough for him…)

Nobody can promise never to oversleep (=make a mistake), it’s just human nature.

2 thoughts on “About the Noise”

  1. Hey,

    Just thought Id post it here so hopefully you see it soon.

    U need to go through some of these topics and delete the spam replys. Really annorying.

    Yeah sadly your please check this box is not good enough. 🙁

    You really should make it so they have to look at an image and type whats in the image.


  2. I finally got around to delete spams, I hope I didn’t miss any…
    >Really annorying.
    Can’t agree more.

    I am trying out the Bad-Behavior plugin, I hope this will work out.

    Thanks for your advice.

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